Trichotillomania Hair Replacement Solutions

What is Trichotillomania?

Trichotillomania refers to a condition where hair loss is created by repeated urges to pull and/or twist the hair until it pulls out from the root or breaks off. This condition makes it difficult for sufferers to stop this behavior, even when their hair shows signs of loss. Trichotillomania is an impulsive control disorder and while it’s causes are not fully understood, we do know that women are affected 4 times more than men.

Many people have nervous habits but those with who pull on their hair compulsively, suffer greatly from the overwhelming emotional and physical impacts of the hair loss. And the amount of hair loss varies in degree for each person. For some it may be slight, while others have more severe hair loss. For some the hair loss may be temporary in the beginning stages of the condition. For those who suffer with the condition long term, the hair loss may become permanent. In either case, the emotional aspect of the hair loss is very difficult for women to cope with.

Knowing the full impact hair loss has on someone we know we have to make sure that our hair replacement solutions for women, men and children are of the highest quality and are created to give them back their confidence so they can once again socialize with family and friends and get back to living their normal lives. At Hair Restoration Institute we work closely with each client and help them maintain their privacy about their hair loss condition and / or treatments.

Trichotillomania (Compulsive Hair Pulling)

Psychiatrists estimate that over four million Americans have what is called trichotillomania (trick-o-till-o-main-ee-a). It is for this reason we take hair loss very serious and offer a range of options specific to each individual. If hair replacement is something you want to consider, our highly experienced consultants at Hair Restoration Institute will help you find the best solution, which may include:

  • Dermal Lens Hair Replacement
  • Custom integration
  • Hair additions

Dermal Lens Hair Replacement

The pride we take in our Dermal Lens Women’s Hair Replacement systems is unmatched anywhere. You get the ultimate in comfort and style along with the highest quality that is like nothing you have ever seen. If you suffer from Trichotillomania or other medical conditions like lupus, alopecia or undergoing chemotherapy treatments our dermal lens hair replacement not only gives you back your hair but you get so much more. It is made from 100% natural human hair and is light weight, easy to maintain and most of all, the perfect solution to restore your hair and your confidence.

You can style your new hair just like you were to style your own natural growing hair with rollers, hot blowers and curling irons. Your styling options are only limited by your own imagination. Our hair replacements use the finest processed human hair or virgin European human hair for a look that cannot be surpassed.

Restore your hair and your confidence

At Hair Restoration Institute our attention to total client and patient services always includes:

  • Free, no obligation hair loss and scalp evaluation.
  • Discreet, private, dignified and confidential service.
  • Totally private styling rooms for both men and women.
  • Professional, one-on-one personalized service.
  • Convenient locations with private, off-street parking.
  • The security of dealing with a firm that has been continuously in business since 1982.

Which Hair Loss Solution is Right for You?

WE INVITE YOU to schedule a private, no-obligation consultation at our state-of-the-art hair restoration center and discuss your hair loss concerns with a trained HRI hair loss professional.

Whether you are just starting to experience baldness or are in the most advanced stages of hair loss, we can help with our full spectrum of professional treatment and hair restoration options.