What You Need to Know About Advanced FUT Hair Transplantation

July 31 2021

Hair transplantation is a great choice for many people experiencing hair loss. If you’re considering hair transplantation, you may be confused about all the different options. One of the most advanced procedures is an advanced FUT hair transplantation, and we’ve helped many people restore full, natural-looking hair with this procedure, but we still have a lot of people asking questions about whether it’s right for them.

What does FUT mean?

FUT means Follicular Unit Transfer, and it’s one of the most advanced procedures available for hair transplantation. Like other procedures, FUT uses follicles from donor areas of the scalp where hair is growing thicker and transplants them into the thinning areas. With FUT, a strip of follicles is removed from the donor area for transplantation.


What are the advantages of FUT hair transplantation?

FUT is a minimally invasive procedure done on an outpatient basis using a local anesthetic, so you get results with minimal disruption to your normal activities. FUT hair transplantations permanently restore hair to the thinning areas of your scalp, so you no longer have to worry about your hair when participating in sports or your favorite outdoor activities. 


Your new hair will blend perfectly into the rest of your hair since it is all your own, with hair growing from your own follicles. This type of transplantation means that there are no foreign objects for your body to reject.

What areas can FUT transplantation improve?

FUT transplantation can restructure your hairline and fill in the crown and temples so that those telltale signs of hair thinning disappear. 


Who can get an FUT hair transplantation?

Both men and women can be candidates for an FUT transplantation. Deciding on the best treatment is a complex process that requires a full evaluation of the extent of hair loss, hair loss goals, overall health, and treatment expectations. At the Hair Restoration Institute, our hair loss professionals will help you through the process in a discreet and confidential consultation.


After your consultation, we’ll design a hair replacement plan with all the recommended treatments as well as what you can expect for your results. For some people, this can include an FUT hair transplantation along with complementary treatments that help your scalp heal more quickly. 

Because FUT hair transplantation procedures use strips of donor’s hair, it’s usually recommended for people who wear their hair longer, since the small, faint scars can sometimes be visible with a very close buzz cut. 

Are FUT transplantation procedures safe?

Medical science has advanced quite a bit over the past few decades, making outpatient procedures like FUT hair transplantation possible. No general anesthetic is used, so you’ll be awake during the procedure, eliminating some of the complications of traditional surgery. 

Our medical professionals at the Hair Replacement Institute have years of experience in their fields, so they can not only perform FUT hair transplantations safely but also have the artistic skills to build a natural-looking hairline and restore hair in areas where hair no longer grows. 

The Hair Replacement Institute is a state-of-the-art hair restoration clinic using the newest technology and most effective procedures to restore your hair.

What if I’m not a candidate for FUT hair transplantation?

Everyone’s hair replacement plan is unique, so it’s possible that FUT hair transplantation is not right for your needs. If that’s the case, our team of hair replacement professionals will design the right plan for you, which may include one or more of the following treatments we use here at the Hair Replacement Institute:


  • NeoGraft FUE Hair Transplantation
  • Laser Hair Loss Treatment
  • PRP Hair Loss Treatment
  • Scalp Micropigmentation
  • Dermal Lens Hair Replacement
  • Custom Wigs
  • And more!

To get started on your hair replacement plan, make an appointment for your free, private consultation today at the Hair Restoration Institute. Our expert hair loss professionals will assess your needs and develop a plan that will work for you. You can find us at 1201 West Lancaster Avenue in Fort Worth, Texas, or call or 817-854-HAIR (4247) for a complimentary consultation.

What You Need to Know About Advanced FUT Hair Transplantation