What Men and Women Like Most About Non-Invasive Dermal Lens Treatments

December 15 2020

Millions of men and women experience hair loss every day, and many people think there is nothing they can do about it. That feeling of helplessness can affect your mental health. But there is hope, because we have a wide range of effective, modern treatments available at the Hair Restoration Institute, and one of our most popular treatments is our exclusive Dermal Lens hair replacement system for men or women.

We’ve connected with many of our Dermal Lens customers to see what they loved most about this revolutionary hair replacement system that looks and feels like your own natural hair, and they’ve given us some great feedback about the benefits of this system.

Uses real hair. HRI’s Dermal Lens hair replacement system uses real human hair that looks and feels like your own hair, so it will blend in perfectly and look natural.

Undetectable. Even close up, it’s nearly impossible for friends and family to tell the difference between your Dermal Lens system and your natural hair. It attaches firmly and blends in perfectly with your hair color and texture – and it even feels like your natural hair.  

Easy to style. Your Dermal Lens hair replacement system acts as an extension of your natural hair, so you can style it however you’d like. Your Hair Restoration Institute hair loss professional will help you style your hair so that it blends right in and feels like your own natural hair. You can have any style you want!

Fits your lifestyle. Your Dermal Lens hair replacement system is durable and will stay in place even when doing activities like swimming, so you can move forward with your usual active lifestyle without worrying about your hair.

Non-invasive, non-surgical option. For those who are unsure about surgical options for hair replacement, the Dermal Lens hair replacement system is the perfect solution. There’s no pain, no needles, and no surgery – just a full head of natural-looking hair that you can style however you want!

Great support from HRI. The Dermal Lens hair replacement system is available only at the Hair Replacement Institute. With a nationwide network of salons and clinics, we’ll help you with your hair replacement system wherever you travel in the country.

Amazing, permanent results. Our clients are thrilled with the results. They get a natural-looking, full head of hair regardless of how much hair they’ve lost or where they are experiencing thinning. It’s a customized hair replacement solution that integrates right into your own scalp, so it becomes a permanent part of your own hair. Unlike wigs that feel bulky and that you have to remove, our exclusive Dermal Lens hair replacement system becomes a part of you! 

Incredible confidence boost. With amazing results that give you a full head of thick, natural-looking hair, you’ll get that extra boost of confidence that comes from feeling good about the way you look. Whether you’re in the office or out with friends and family, you’ll have a ton of confidence and feel good about yourself. 

Customizable results for men and women. The Dermal Lens hair restoration system is fully customizable, so whether you need something that fills in just a few spots or a larger area, the system can be customized to fit your needs. 

We’ve helped hundreds of men and women experience the difference of the Dermal Lens treatment, and our professionals are ready to help you take control of your thinning hair. 

The first step is a free confidential consultation with one of our hair loss experts. Make an appointment today at the Hair Restoration Institute. Our hair loss professionals will take a full assessment of your hair loss concerns, your overall health, and the extent of hair loss and develop a customized treatment plan to help you get thicker, natural-looking hair again, and we’ll let you know whether Dermal Lens hair replacement systems or another treatment is right for you. 

You can find us at 8030 Old Cedar Ave S #202 in Bloomington MN or at 1201 West Lancaster Avenue in Fort Worth, Texas, or call 612-588-HAIR (4247) in Minnesota or 817-854-HAIR (4247) in Dallas/Fort Worth for a complimentary consultation. Schedule online for a virtual consultation appointment with our MN location or request an in-person consultation appointment in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

What Men and Women Like Most About Non-Invasive Dermal Lens Treatments