The Benefits of Wigs for Hair Loss

January 14 2021

From medication side effects to female pattern baldness, women experience hair loss almost as frequently as men. Hair loss can be upsetting for everyone, but many women are particularly affected when they start to see noticeable hair loss. One of the quickest and easiest solutions for women with hair loss is wearing natural, human hair wigs, and Follea® offers some of the most luxurious, natural-looking wigs available.

There are many solutions for hair loss, and wigs are one of the easiest ways to quickly camouflage those thinning areas. However, when you mention wigs, many people think about the older style wigs that were manufactured decades ago and tended to look artificial. New technology has made these old-fashioned wigs completely obsolete. Modern wigs are beautiful and stylish, using real human hair and advanced techniques that make them virtually indistinguishable from your own natural hair.

There are plenty of advantages to choosing a natural hair wig to restore your hair after hair loss.

A quick, effective solution. Most people notice their own hair loss long before it is noticeable by others. A wig can camouflage the hair loss before others start to see that your hair is thinning, making it a quick solution for effective hair restoration.

Looks real and natural. Modern, premium wigs use real human hair and natural-looking scalp coverage, so your wig looks and moves just like your natural hair. They come in a variety of colors, textures, and lengths, so you can choose the look that’s right for you. People will notice that your hair looks great, but they’ll think you just came from the salon. Our clients at the Hair Restoration Institute constantly talk about the compliments they get on their new hairstyle!

Can be styled like your own hair. Because they use real human hair, most premium wigs can be styled just like your own hair, although some of them may come pre-styled with some texture or curls. Modern wigs use new technology to create the wigs so that they look and react to styling efforts just like your own hair.

Can usually be color-treated or textured. The real human hair in today’s premium wigs can usually be color-treated just like your natural hair, and they can also usually hold up to texturing treatments like perms or straighteners. Because all wigs are different, check with your Hair Restoration Institute professional before having any processing done on your new wig.

Follea® Premium 100% European Hair Wigs are unique, luxurious wigs designed by Daniel Alain® of California. They’re completely customized with a variety of lengths, colors, and textures so that you can choose the style that looks most natural for you. Follea® wigs provide:

  • Customizable options, including different types of scalp coverage as well as different lengths and hair colors. 
  • Full wigs or toppers, so you can choose what’s best for your new look. Many women notice thinning hair only on the scalp line, and Follea® toppers are designed to seamlessly camouflage the thinning areas on top.
  • Exceptional look and feel. Follea® Premium Wigs are professionally designed to feel like your own hair and move with you no matter what your activity level. 

The first step in taking control of your hair loss is a free consultation with one of our hair loss professionals at the Hair Restoration Institute. Make an appointment today and we’ll take a full assessment of your hair loss concerns and your overall health, so we can develop a customized solution with personalized options for you to choose from. You can find us at 8030 Old Cedar Ave S #202 in Bloomington or at 1201 West Lancaster Avenue in Fort Worth, Texas, or call 612-588-HAIR (4247) in Minnesota or 817-854-HAIR (4247) in Dallas/Fort Worth for a complimentary consultation.

The Benefits of Wigs for Hair Loss