MEP-90 FDA Approved Laser Hair Loss Treatment

September 21 2014

Laser Hair Loss Treatment for Men and Women

Each strand of hair consists of a hair shaft, a hair root, and a hair follicle that resides beneath the surface of your skin.

This video examines the three different cycles of hair growth and how the MEP-90 laser hair loss treatment therapy system helps stimulate hair growth. During the anagen phase of hair growth, the hair is actively growing within the follicle. The second stage is known as the catagen stage, in which the follicle retracts and pulls away from the dermal papilla so that it stops growing. During the last stage, or telogen stage, the hair follicle remains inactive. Each of your hair shafts becomes shorter with each cycle until they ultimately stop growing. The MEP-90 uses nourishing laser light energy to stimulate dormant hairs and reverse miniaturization of hair follicles.


Benefits of Laser Hair Loss Treatment Therapy

  • After just one treatment, laser hair therapy has been show to increase blood supply in the scalp area by up to 54%.
  • Low level laser hair therapy slows or stops the progression of hair loss in approximately 85% of patients by photo biotherapy stimulation hair follicles.
  • Cosmetically creates the appearance of fuller, shinier, thicker looking hair along with increased elasticity and hair strength.
  • For post-operative hair transplant patients, Laser Hair Therapy helps the newly transplanted hair grafts to heal and thrive while helping accelerate healing.
  • Laser hair therapy repairs damage done to hair that most often associated with chemical hair treatments and services.


Laser hair loss treatment therapy works best for men and women in the early stages of hair loss (Norwood 1-3).  At HRI, we want to help. There are a wide range of hair loss treatment and hair restoration procedures available today that were simply unheard of only a few years ago.  We encourage you to explore your options by meeting with a trained HRI hair loss specialist in a private, no-obligation consultation where you can get all your hair loss and air restoration questions answered and determine for yourself which hair loss treatment solution may be best for you.  Call the Hair Restoration Institute of Minnesota at 612-588-4247 today.

MEP-90 FDA Approved Laser Hair Loss Treatment