I’m Losing My Hair and I Can’t Talk About It

May 10 2017

I never realized how important my hair was to me until now when I realize I was starting to lose it. I am not sure what to do. It is like there is a part of me that is disappearing and there isn’t any way to stop it. Will I still be the same person? What if anything can be done? I have lots of question and I can tell the people around me do to. I find that I am unable to talk about my hair loss.

Am I going to go completely bald? How will people look at me? Will they treat me different? I see other people with thinning hair but it just wasn’t something that I thought would happen to me. This seems like it should be such a minor thing so why am I so upset?

I Remember Having Confidence About My Appearance

I remember when I was younger and how important it was to style my hair just right. My sister and I would sit hangout for hours learning how to braid each other’s hair. I can still remember how proud we both where when we learned how to French braid. We would always have a lot of fun, laughing with friends while we tried new hair colors and hair cuts. In the summer time I loved getting highlights. Every school year I would start off with a new hairstyle. As I look back at these memories I realize even more how much my hair has been a big part of my identity and how it played into my self confidence.

I Have to Take Action and Get Control Over My Life

It has been over a month since I first noticed hair on my pillow in the mornings and too much of my hair has gone down the drain. I need to do something to take control my hair loss. By worrying about my hair loss I have noticed that it is affecting not only my work but my personal life as well. I have turned down invitations with friends and coworkers to do things from lunch to simple get together. I realize I am withdrawing from people who mean a lot to me just so I can be alone and they don’t see me with less hair. Often I don’t even answer the phone or door anymore because I don’t want to explain my behavior. Well, today I have decided this has to stop. I know there are specialists that specialize in women’s hair restoration and I can’t even say why I have waiting this long to speak to someone. Maybe I’m afraid that they will tell me there is nothing that can be done. My hair loss isn’t going to stop magically, I need to face my fears and make that important call today. I know my sister will go with me. Today I’m taking my confidence back and after, maybe we’ll do lunch.

Are You Tired of Dealing With Hair Loss?

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I’m Losing My Hair and I Can’t Talk About It