Hair Loss After Pregnancy? Is It Permanent?

March 8 2017

As any pregnant woman knows, your body goes through changes and rather rapidly. However, some of them like hair loss for example can be very worrisome to many. It is estimated that over 90 percent of your hair is growing at any one time. The other 10 percent is in a resting phase. When a woman is pregnant the chemicals in her body change to accommodate the baby’s growth. In many cases this can lead to hair loss. What most women don’t realize is that their hair is just moving from one phase to another.

Is It Normal to Lose Hair During Pregnancy?

Every two or three month about 10 percent of your hair that is in a resting phase falls out. This shedding is normal and it allows new hair to grow in its place. For women who are pregnant this hair loss speeds up and tends to happen at a dramatic fashion. Over 50 percent of women who are pregnant find they are inflected with this type of hair loss. There is good news in that it only happens during pregnancy and is only temporary for most women.

You should be made aware that most hair loss that is related to pregnancy happens after the delivery of the baby. Most women during pregnancy find they have more hair. This happens because during a woman’s pregnancy more hair will enter the resting phase. This happens because of the hormone change that take place. The hair is usually thicker and more healthy during that time as well. After giving birth the hormones in a woman’s body begin to return to normal levels and those hairs that entered the resting phase begin to fall out somewhere between three to four months after giving birth.

What About Hair Loss That’s Significant During Pregnancy?

If during your pregnancy you notice that you have more hair loss than normal, it may indicate some level of deficiency of nutrients. It may be a good idea to talk to your doctor as you don’t want your deplete your body of important nutrients. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can often happen to women who are pregnant because of the higher demand by their bodies during this time.

When Will Things Get Back to Normal?
The one question many woman will ask is when will they get back to normal? The good news is that it should start to return to normal after you deliver. Most women will see a significant loss at three to four months after they give birth. You may see up to 60 percent of your hair at resting phase during pregnancy which would be a great deal of hair loss afterwards.

In the three to four months span is normally the peak of hair loss as your hair begins to normalize again. For most women they see their hair back to normal thickness in about six months, but for some it can take up to a year especially if they are breast feeding.

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