FUE Versus FUT Transplants

November 15 2020

Millions of Americans experience hair loss, but there’s no need to let it interfere with your life because these days, we have a wide variety of hair replacement options to treat hair loss. One of these options is a hair transplant, but there are also choices to make when choosing which type of transplant is right for you: FUE or FUT transplantation.

Your medical professional at the Hair Restoration Institute will assess your needs and help you make the decision, but today, we’ll talk about some of the differences so you can understand why one technique is better for you than the other.

What is FUT?

Advanced Follicular Unit Transplantation, or FUT, uses strips of hair from a donor area, splits them into grafts, and transplants them into the thinning area. The strips are so tiny that you won’t notice the difference in the donor area unless you cut your hair very short, but you will experience growth in the thinning area. 

It starts with individual follicles that are placed strategically to form a natural-looking hairline, then the medical professional works back from there with larger grafts of hair to fill in the thinning area. 

What is FUE?

Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE, uses smaller grafts, not strips of hair, from the donor area that are transplanted into the thinning area. This leaves no scars, so people who like to wear their hair extremely short can do so without worrying about visible scalp marks. At Hair Restoration Institute, we use NeoGraft FUE, the only follicular unit extraction technique that has been cleared by the FDA. 

Is this invasive surgery?

Both FUT and FUE are minimally invasive procedures. Recovery is quick, and you can usually return to your normal routine the next day, although your Hair Restoration Institute medical professional may give you special instructions for hair and scalp care. 

Will other people notice?

With NeoGraft FUE, there is no scarring, so it won’t be obvious that you’ve had a hair replacement procedure. With FUT, there is minimal scarring where strips were removed from the donor area, but this isn’t noticeable unless your hair is extra short. Of course, with both procedures, people will notice when your hair grows thick and full in the area that was beginning to thin!

How long do the results last?

Both FUE and FUT are permanent hair replacement solutions that will last a lifetime. 

Does it look like your natural hair?

The results of FUE and FUT both look natural because it uses your natural hair, moving your own hair follicles from one area to another. As your hair grows in, it will be the same color and texture as the rest of your hair, so it will blend right in.

Are hair transplants just for men?

Both men and women experience hair loss, and hair transplantation is an appropriate treatment for both men and women as well. At the Hair Restoration Institute, we treat men’s hair loss as well as women’s hair loss and offer similar techniques for both, including surgical hair restoration. 

How do I decide whether FUT or FUE is right for me?

After your initial free, private consultation and analysis of your hair loss needs, your medical professional at the Hair Restoration Institute will discuss all your hair replacement options with you, including FUE and FUT if those are appropriate for you. Hair transplantation is an art that requires precision skills and the artistic ability to place hair follicles in a natural-looking pattern of hair growth. Your choice of hair transplantation techniques will depend on the extent of hair loss and the desired finished results, which vary for each person. Generally speaking, FUE is the choice for those who want to wear their hair very short and therefore need a solution that does not leave any scars, although scarring for FUT is very minimal and not readily noticeable.  

For both men and women, discovering that your hair is thinning can be upsetting, but you can take control today by scheduling a confidential consultation with one of our hair loss medical professionals at the Hair Restoration Institute. We’ll take a full assessment of your hair loss concerns, your overall health, and the extent of hair loss and develop a customized treatment plan to help you get thicker, natural-looking hair again. 

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FUE Versus FUT Transplants