Five Men’s Hair Loss Solutions That Work

April 6 2017

For many men, hair loss is common and they know that they are likely going to go bald one day, whether due to hereditary factors or something else altogether. While men’s hair loss might be common that doesn’t mean it has to be permanent or inevitable. There are things men can do about hair loss if they are struggling with thinning hair and you can do to replace what they have lost and maintain think, healthy hair.

Real hair loss solutions is not a pipe dream. You may be surprised to on how far hair replacement has come over the last few years. They can give you the look of a full head of hair that looks completely natural and seamless. Here are five men’s hair loss solutions that we recommend.

Supplements and Nutrition
Hair loss can sometimes be the result of malnutrition. The lack of the right nutrients in your diet can lead to your follicles not getting the right amount of nutrients to grow hair. Some simple dietary changes and vitamin supplements you may stall any further hair loss.

Topical Solutions and Scalp Care
A lot of times a lot of hair loss stems from unhealthy scalp conditions. If you skin is to dry, to flaky, or to oily then it creates an environment that can inhibit hair growth rather than promoting it. Topical solutions can provide the necessary hydration or pH balance that is need to change the scalp condition and return it to being healthy and that will promote new hair growth.

Laser Hair Therapy
Low level laser light therapy increases the blood flow to the follicles and encourages new hair growth. This is a safe and painless procedure that is also FDA approved. There are options for you to also perform this in the comfort from your own home using a portable laser unit.

Hair Systems
The great thing about men’s hair replacement systems is that it can give you a full head of natural looking hair. They are more permanent than a wig but much less invasive than hair transplant surgery. This is the option is most frequently recommended to men struggling with hair loss.

Hair Grafting
For some men a surgical solution may be the most desirable option. It gives them a long-lasting solution with natural looking results. Hair grafts have come a long way and with today’s cutting-edge procedure techniques it is both effect and low impact on your body.

To help you find the right solution that is right for you, call a hair loss professional. They will help you determine what is causing your hair loss and the option that will work best for you to regain your hair.

At Hair Restoration Institute of Minnesota, we have proven that getting to the root of hair loss immediately is beneficial if you want to prevent hair loss. Whether or not you’re showing signs of advanced hair loss, early intervention is always the best defense against future hair loss. To schedule a free consultation call us at 612-588-4247 or schedule a free, private hair loss evaluation online now.

Five Men’s Hair Loss Solutions That Work